Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broken Ends

Remember that end that broke when I was plying on Sunday? I brought the bobbin to our SnB last night and despite the most valiant efforts no end was found. So I came home last night and decided I would try to rewind the yarn onto another bobbin without cutting the yarn. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I ended up with this huge tangled mess. Paul tried to help me sort it out but it was no use. Maybe I was too tired. It was almost midnight afterall. I finally just couldn't take it anymore and I cut the yarn. I lost at least half. You can see it in the garbage. It's a shame too because the stuff I was able to salvage, 45 grams worth, actually looks great. I still have more of this fibre I dyed to spin up and I just mixed another bottle of the same blue solution to try and see if I can get a close match so I will hopefully be able to replace what I lost.

On the knitting front, the first baby sweater is an FO. The yarn used is the Schachenmayr Perle in a mint green colour and size 3 and 3.25mm needles. I really like the finished product. I just have to block it. I would have preferred shank buttons but I couldn't find any that I like so I got these instead. I love the way they look on the sweater. I will use the same buttons when I finish the next sweater.

So what is the next sweater you may ask? It's a sweater for Mati. I am using Laines du Nord Baby Star in Spring Flowers colourway. I know the colour is neutral and good for a boy or girl but this yarn is so soft I just had to knit something with it. I am going to knit it basically the same as the sweater I just finished but a different stitch pattern. Funny enough this yarn is supposedly thicker than the Perle but I tried knitting a swatch with 3.25mm needles and I don't like the way it looked or felt so I am using 2.5mm for the cuffs and border and 3 mm for the body. Now the race is on to see if I can finish it by next Thursday. Once the sweater is done I might try and knit a hat and booties to go with the sweater in the mint green and then finally get to work on the Sockamania Club socks.


  • At 11:04 p.m., Blogger Chelle said…

    That baby sweater is lovely...the buttons are really perfect with the yarn! I'm dying to see what you make from the Baby Star, it's such a beautiful yarn.

  • At 10:31 a.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    I'm sorry you ended up loosing so much of your beautiful spinning. I hope you get a good color match for the next batch.


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