Thursday, May 03, 2007

School Projects And Knitting

We went to Joseph's school last night. The kids had a school concert and the grade 7/8's (split class) did projects on global warming. They watched An Inconvenient Truth and then they chose subjects and researched, built models etc. Joseph's group did it on green house gases. Joseph was responsible for the research. After the concert the parents walked around the gym and the kids explained what their project was about. I think Joseph was a little nervous about it but I am so proud of him. They all did such a great job. Joseph is the one on the left in the picture on the left. Can I have his hair please? Mine is so fine and limp I can't do a thing with it.

Since we had to go to Joseph's school last night, I had to change my appointment at the eye doctor. I went this morning. How is it possible to have the third appointment of the day and still go in about 45 minutes late? If my doctor was running 45 minutes late at the third appointment I don't even want to imagine how late she was by the time the late afternoon appointments got there. The good part about waiting is I made good progress on the baby sweater. The back is done as you can see here and I will reach the neck for the front tonight. That means I should get the front done today and hopefully one sleeve done tomorrrow. As I said beforem this sweater has to be done by Sunday so I can start the next one. I just have to decide on what pattern to make. I am thinking of doing this one but I am not sure if the varigated yarn will show up. I'll have to do a swatch and then decide.


  • At 10:28 p.m., Anonymous sydney said…

    Congrats to Joseph and the others for a job well done! The baby sweater is looking good. I like that color.


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