Friday, June 01, 2007

Grandma Times 7

My son Shmuel Dovid and his wife Anna are the proud parents of a beautiful 8 lb. 12 oz. baby girl. Mommy had a rough time but she came through with flying colours and is doing great. I will find out the baby's name tomorrow night and proud daddy said he has taken tons of pictures already so I hope he will be emailing me some soon. I hear she is adorable and she has a full head of black hair. That's typical for my family. All my kids had tons of hair when they were born. I will be going to NYC the first week in July so I will get to see the family then. Now I have to knit something pink for her since everything I have done so far is mint green.

In other news, I had the nasty test today and it went well. The good news was, no polyps. The bad news, my colon was longer than the probe so I had to have an additional test that was worse than the colonoscopy but I survived and will go to the doctor in a week to find out the results. I'm not worried. I figure if 5' of colon had no polyps, what are the chances the last foot would have one? I am pretty confident that I am fine in this regard. I don't have to worry about doing this again for another 5 to 10 years and when I go to the doctor for the results I will ask him if he wants 5 or 10. I suspect it will be 5 given my being a breast cancer survivor.

Now I have to go for a CT scan of my kidney. That will be in about two weeks. Once that's done and I get the results of those tests, I am pretty much done with doctor stuff for now. Since this has been going on since Februray, I will look forward to not having to worry about these appointments all the time. I will be happy with that for as long as it lasts. It's not fun to have your life revolve around doctor's appointments and tests.

I actually got some knitting done through all this. I am working on tier 18 on the Forest Path Stole. I am only going to go to tier 19 or 21. I will decide once I finish tier 19 if I want to do two more tiers or not. I am almost positive I won't go to tier 23 because the stole will be way too long if I do that.

Joseph came back from Ottawa today. It's amazing how much I missed him while he was gone. The apartment was so quiet. It sounds like he had a WONDERFUL time. He is just upset because he remembered to bring everything home and then forgot his hat on the bus. I am not giving up hope that they will return the stuff to the school and he might get it back. He was so upset about the hat. Here is a group picture that was taken in Ottawa. Joseph is the one in the front row with the long hair on the right bent on one knee in the Half Life 2 T-shirt.

I won the prize for most swatched posted to The Walker Treasury Project for the month of April. I received my prize in the mail yesterday. Times being were they were I haven't had a chance to post until now. Thank you Anne for the wonderful yarn. The yarn is 100% Merino in fingering weight and I have 333 yards. The colourway is gorgeous. You can see on top of the yarn the extras that came along with it. I love the buttons. Anne also sent me a book mark. I love bookmarks and this one will be put to good use.


  • At 9:56 p.m., Blogger Maggie said…

    Congratulations! How many grandchildren does this make it? Yay for healthy babies!

    Nice yarn!

    Joseph looks very grown up in the photo! I'm so glad he had a good time.

  • At 10:48 p.m., Blogger Chelle said…

    Congratulations Grandma!!! What a happy occasion!

    Your swatches for the Walker Treasury Project were are so deserving of that prize! Enjoy!


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