Friday, June 08, 2007

Various Rants

I have a Dell laptop. When I bought my laptop it came with a printer. It's the least expensive printer Dell carries. Well, as will eventually happen the cartridge needed replacing. No problem. Lexmark makes the printers for Dell so Paul and I thought we could just get a Lexmark cartridge. I finally had to change the darn thing yesterday morning. Well the cartridge is the same except one thing. The cartridges are modified for Dell so you MUST use a Dell replacement cartridge. The bloody thing wouldn't snap in place. I looked at both of them carefully. Here's the difference. See those notches on the bottom right of the cartridge? On the Lexmark it is one on the right and one on the left is the Dell. See those two blips on the bottom right of the dell? Well you can't see but on the Lexmark it has one where the top one is on the Dell and another one on the left. Paul snipped off the one on the left and boom the cartridge snapped into place. No problem. Everything should be fine now. WRONG!! The bloody thing says the cartridge is NOT recognized. I refuse to use that printer. If anyone wants it they can have it. On principle alone I will not buy the cartridges from them. We have a Canon at home so Paul is just going to network it so I can print from my laptop to the Canon.

On top of this I lost one of the ear covers on my ear buds for my mp3 player. This mp3 player is a Sony. Would someone PLEASE remind me NEVER EVER to buy a Sony product again? The Sony Store doesn't carry replacements for this in their store. I am sure I am not the only person on the planet that has ever lost this item. The store directed me to their service and parts department. I called there. Each piece, not pair, is $5.00. I think that's nuts. Ok fine. I need it, and I'll have to pay for it. Sony head office is right across from where I work in North York. I figure I could go there. Nope. Once again, how foolish of me. That would be too easy. I would have to go downtown Toronto to King Street to pick it up at their service department or I could pay for S&H to have them send it to me. The guy on the phone said if it was easier for me I could go to Mississauga to get them. I live in Scarborough, I work 5 minutes from where I live in North York. I RARELY go downtown. I just don't understand. WHY THE HELL DOESN'T THE DAMN F***ING STORES CARRY THIS?????

The good part of my week has been time spent with friends. Monday Ramona called me to see if I could meet her for an afternoon at the mall. We went to Yorkdale and we had a blast. After all that fun in the mall we went to Casey's for dinner and enjoyed some very good food.

Tuesday we had our Snb and even though some of the regulars were not there, and I missed them all, it was great to have time to knit and gab. I worked on the border of the Forest Path stole and I am pleased to say the right border is done. I am in the middle of the left border but I haven't had a chance to touch the stole since Tuesday night. I'm sorry to say the left border is even less fun than the right because of how the edge stitches look. They seemed to be much more defined (not sure if that's the correct word) on the right side than they are on the left. I will plug along and finish this one way or the other.

I was so tired on Wednesday I can't even remember what I did.

Yesterday I went for a dental appointment to change a temporary medicated filling that was done a while back. I was relieved when I was told a root canal would not be needed and all she did was put in the permanent filling. Why is it that when the dentist tells you freezing will last about an hour your not totally unfrozen for at least 4 hours?

After the dentist I met up with Ramona. We were supposed to meet Robyn, SP10 hostess with the mostess at some point but she got stuck in traffic. Robyn has the package from my SP partner. Not to worry, Robyn will drop it off on Sunday on her way back to Montreal. In the meantime Ramona and I walked from Yorkville to Kensington Market. The weather was fantastic and it's amazing how you don't even notice the distance when you're walking along with someone you just love spending time with. We had dinner at a fabulous Chinese restaurant called E-Pan and then we parted company and went home.

I'll be seeing Robyn tomorrow since she will be on the Central team tomorrow for the TTC Knit A Long. Robyn is bringing Sean along and I can't wait to see him. He looks so cute in the pictures I've seen. I am sure he will be even cuter in person.

Kimberly and I will be meeting early in the morning and heading to Alterknit via the TTC. I am so ready for this after the busy week I've had. It will be great to spend time with other knitter's. The last knit a long was such a blast. Next week will be another busy one with tons of different appointments. More on those next week. Have a great weekend everyone.


  • At 10:36 a.m., Anonymous LDSVenus said…

    Ah yes, the wonderful world of if you by this from us you must replace this from us. I had a printer from HP (Hewlett Packard) that they made under an off brand name. It worked fine on my windows 98, but when windows 2000 came out it wouldnt work with it and they were not going to continue that product and wouldnt upgrade it so it would work with the new window environment. My dad had given it to me as a gift and even bought 2 year service agreement on it, to no avail, it still had 1 year of the service contract on it when I couldnt use it anymore and they wouldnt upgrade it to work, so it was no good to me, for the same reason as you, I will never purchase another HP product. They run us off with they unethical business practices and wonder why we wont buy from them, not really very smart are they.


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