Friday, June 29, 2007

My Car Ate My Vacation

I can't remember when I have had such a HORRIBLE day. You've heard the excuse "my dog ate my homework?" I was supposed to be driving to NYC on Sunday. Well that trip is now postponed because my car ate my vacation. I brought the car in for a check up before the long drive. Regular maintenance was going to cost much more than I anticipated. I had figured it would cost me about $300. Turns out it was going to cost me about $600 until I found out I need new break pads. I could put off some of the other stuff but I wouldn't feel comfortable driving from Toronto to NYC if I didn't do all the work that needed to be done. I am not going to risk safety. The total now is over $700 and there is just no way the trip is going to happen this week. I might go in August, if I can manage it then because if I go then I will have to take the time off work without pay. That's alright though.

I was right about the urine test. I got a call from the doctor's office today. There is bacteria and I need to take the antibiotics for 3 months. It's a good thing I filled the prescription earlier in the week. The pain isn't getting better yet but since I have to take the meds for 3 months I would imagine it will take a while before I am feeling better. I go back to the doctor mid September and have another test to see if the bacteria is still there. If it isn't I can stop taking the meds. If it is I think I will have to be on it for another 3 months. But hey I don't have kidney stones and I am very relieved about that.


After the day I had at work today I am just about ready to take my boss and chop his head off. I don't talk about work much. Today I had it. I normally get paid every other week. I got paid last week. So I asked my boss about getting paid for the two weeks today since I won't be here next Friday. I always thought that if you are not on direct deposit for your pay you get your vacation pay (not extra vacation pay, I don't get that, just the pay I would have gotten if I had worked next week) when you take vacation. Well he said that he would only pay me for this week. When I get back he will pay me for next week. WHY YOU MIGHT ASK?????? This is just too much for words. Since not as much business settled this week as he had anticipated and he hasn't taken pay for himself in a while so he can't pay me for both weeks!!!!! My pay for one week is $420, he will definitely pay himself about $5,000. I swear if I don't find another job soon I will have some sort of an attack from having to work for this bastard. I can't take it anymore. He is nothing but a scumbag. He has all the advantages of me working there and I have none. The only advantage I have is that it is close to where I live and is flexible. Well I would rather not work, live off my stash, etc. then continue there. Paul and I are going to have to figure something out because I can't and won't work there anymore. If anyone in the Greater Toronto Area knows of someone in need of an office assistant that is nice, a quick learner, a pretty fast typist, please email me and let me know. The link to my email address is on my sidebar.


  • At 9:22 a.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    I'm so so so so sorry that you didnt get to go on your vacation Rochelle, I was thinking of you while I was driving to mine, thinking you were doing the same. I hope you get the repairs and you get to drive to see them all in August.


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