Saturday, June 23, 2007


The Rocketry is now a work in progress. I had some challenges but I am rolling along now. I believe there are some problems with the pattern. First, when doing the colour change row, ignore the notes. You do not K1, P1. Thank you Ken for your help and thank you Stephanie for passing along Ken's email address so I could get the help I needed.

I got through the first two colours and was just about ready to put the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn to work later when I realized one of the fronts had 1 stitch less than the other. I had to rip back to the first colour change. It's a good thing this is a baby sweater because I worked it back up again in less than an hour at 3 this morning.

I also think the stitch count is wrong when it tells you there are 91 sts after you put the sleeve sts on hold. I have 92 sts and I am not going to go nuts about it. Here is why I think there is another error in the pattern. You have 20 sts for each front, 34 sts for each sleeve section, 40 sts for the back. When you put the sleeve sts on hold you put 33 sts for each sleeve on hold. Then you cast on 5 sts for each underarm. Before you put the sts on hold you have 148 sts total. 148 minus 66 is 82. When you add the 5 sts at each underarm that gives you 92 sts, not 91. If I am wrong I am not going to worry about the extra st.

Joseph has a birthday party today so I think it will be mostly sock knitting. I have to find my way to Adam's Park. I have a feeling an SnB pal of mine lives in that neck of the woods. Joseph will be there from 12-4. At this age, I think he will be mortified if Paul or I try to stick around and supervise. That's what we did in his younger days but he's practically a grown man. He'll be a teenager in 6 months (less 1 day). Why is letting go of the apron strings so difficult. If it was up to me I'd stick around but I know I shouldn't. Today will be another challenge in the letting go of those apron strings.


  • At 10:08 p.m., Blogger Chelle said…

    Too have TWO SNB pals in the area! I'm not too far from Adams Park!! Too bad I hadn't read this earlier, you could have stopped in for coffee!

    Hope you had a good day anyway!


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