Thursday, June 28, 2007


Joseph went for his haircut this afternoon. I tried to take a before picture. This is Joseph running out the door trying to hide his face from me so I couldn't get the picture.

So I had to sneak this one in when he sat down waiting for Farrah to start. I went into a corner and took a picture of him in the mirror. He didn't even know I snapped it (no flash).

Watching intently as Farrah cut. He told her exactly what he wanted. I was busy taking the picture while he told her what he had in mind.

Look at all that hair. That isn't even all of it. I wanted to take a picture of the pile when they swept it all together but I was too late.

Now THAT'S my boy, looking like a boy once again. I love the haircut. I can hardly recognize him. He looks so different. I like this much better. Even Joseph said he's glad he doesn't have to see himself much because he doesn't recognize himself. I did tell him he had all summer to decide what he wanted to do with his hair. I mentioned if he wanted to grow it long again he could grow the back long and keep the top short so it wouldn't get in his eyes all the time. The reply I got was music to my ears. "The novelty of long hair has worn off," was all he said. I love my son long hair or short hair. I am just glad I won't have to fight with him every morning when he brushes his hair. His hair is very thick and it is always tangled - NOT ANYMORE!!


  • At 12:32 a.m., Blogger Knitting Mama said…

    Oh wow! That is quite the haircut! I haven't gotten a haircut in the same amount of time, but I'm just going to do a trim, b/c my husband wants me to grow out my hair. I stupidly while pregnant last August chopped it off. (Regreted it after).... but now it's gone too long w/out a trim!

    I hope Sean doesn't want to grow his hair long... I'm not a fan of boys with long hair.


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