Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost Over

Even though I've reached my goal of stitches for NaKnitMo I'm still trying to see how far I can go. My official goal was eventually raised to 180,000 stitches but I fell asleep on Friday and never got around to increasing it one last time. As of this morning I've now knit 197,264 stitches. I was hoping to reach 200,000 but there is no doubt in my mind I can do that.

Yesterday I was at The Purple Purl and I brought the final colourway I have of the Regia Designer Line Kaffe Fassett yarn. This is what I'd completed on the first sock by early afternoon. By the time I konked out last night I finished the heel. When I woke up at 4:30 this morning I cast on the toe of the second sock. I am now 4 rounds from doing the gussett so I should have the second heel done today. For the legs I am going to do the Circle Socks. These socks are supposed to be done top down but I prefer toe up so I'm just following my regular sock construction and will do the stitch pattern for the circle socks on the leg. I finished these on Saturday and as usual I love the way they turned out. I think I'll be a little sad when I finish the last colourway of this yarn. I'm debating if I want to go back to Mary's Yarns and get more.

I'm also working on Revontuli. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit in their Solo collection. I worked on this at The Purl yesterday until I reached the end of the first skein of yarn. Now I have to attach the second skein and get back to it but I think I will do that after NaKnitMo is done.

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  • At 10:43 a.m., Blogger Creativehands said…

    Again! Love the way the yarn makes waves. And Circle Socks has now be added to my list of must do socks...

  • At 10:43 p.m., Blogger Sheila said…

    Congratulations on knitting all those stitches! I would have lost count long ago!


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