Friday, November 13, 2009

Mr. Peacock

The best part about NaKnitMo is all the knitting I seem to be getting done. The bad part, the spinning is suffering. I haven't really had much spinning time with all the knitting. Last night I finished this Peacock facecloth. The edging is different thatn the pattern calls for. I honestly don't remember where the edging came from. I saw someone make it when I was still on the knit list. I didn't design the edging and therefore can take no credit for it. I like it much better than the edging Medrith did.

I have knit this facecloth many times but I haven't knit it in quite a few years so it was almost like visiting it for the first time. The pattern was originally from an old issue of Workbasket, I believe. Then Medrith Glover redid it. It's really magical. The knitting can be fiddly and not for the novice but it's still great fun. There is a "square" version in The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann. I knit that version as well when the book first came out but I was never quite happy with how the peacock looked off centre when you tried to square off the doily. Now I want to see if there is a way to make this lovely peacock into a shawl. I have some ideas kicking around in my brain. I'm not sure if it will work or not. Time will tell.

I also finished these socks for my BIL. He's been driving me nuts to make socks for him for years. When my MIL was in the hospital all he did was keep asking me when he would get his socks. I gave in and started these socks. The pattern is Colosseum, I believe. It was one of the socks from the Sockamania club but then it was called No Name Socks. The yarn is Brunswick Nylamb that I had in my stash. This sock yarn is so soft. It's softer than most other sock yarn I've used. The problem is the colour. It is really really difficult to knit these things with my old eyes. If I every make socks from this yarn again, and I probably will since I have more chocolate and black yarn in my stash, it's going to have to be a st st pattern where I don't have to really look at the pattern and keep track of anything. I don't plan on knitting another men's pair of socks in the near future. The feet are too long and it seems like it takes forever to knit even though I finished these socks in about 2 weeks.

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  • At 1:19 p.m., Blogger Dreams of Yarn said…

    OH I LOVE mr.Peacock! I'm so glad you posted a picture! I was so intrigued after I saw you start it the other day. It looks so great.


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