Monday, September 21, 2009

Roller Coaster

I've been busy spinning a lot lately so not as much knitting has been going on. I finished the Bird's Nest Smoke Ring yesterday. I used Yummy by Fibranatura. I really like this because it is longer than the cowl I made and it can be used over the head to protect my ears when the really cold weather hits.

Saturday was World Wide Spin In Public Day. I brought my wheel to The Purple Purl and spun most of the day. The fibre is Louet merino/silk blend in glacial green. I have no idea why I bought the fibre because I'm really not a fan of green but for some reason it was calling me and I just had to buy it. I am really happy with the results so far.

Saturday was also the group photo for the February Lady KAL. The photo shoot was a blast. It was the perfect day for it because it was chilly in the park and I really needed the sweater.

Now for the roller coaster. I mentioned in my previous post that I made the finals in the "I Made It On My Schacht" contest. Well we had to mail the yarn to Schacht and it has to be there by tomorrow. I sent it FedEx because there was no way it was going to make it in time any other way. Wasn't I surprised when I tracked the package and it was in Stansted UK!!! Right now I don't have any idea if the package has left England or not. I was supposed to get a phone call with more information and I haven't received anything yet. I called back and was told one person in particular was handling my case. Chances are they are going to issue a new bill of lading so there must be a new tracking number and I don't have it. Hopefully I'll get more information tomorrow. I emailed Schacht and they said not to worry so at least on that end I'm ok. Now to hope the package actually gets there.

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