Monday, July 20, 2009

3rd Blogoversary

It is unreal to me that 3 years have gone by since I started this blog.

I knit small versions of the Widdershins sock pattern from in 4 different yarns. It was to help a friend out with socks for a class she is going to be teaching. I've never knit the Widdershins before and I have to admit I really like the pattern. Now I want to figure out a way to adjust the pattern for larger or smaller feet. I don't remember what the yarns are in the picture below. All I know is they are all non-wool socks.

I also finally managed to separate the sleeves from the body on my February Lady sweater. I am relieved to finally be on the lace pattern. Now we'll see how long the body takes me to knit. The yarn is Tanis green label and the colour is Plum. So far I am really liking the way it looks and the yarn is great to knit with.
I'm still spinning for the Tour de Fleece. I'm still trying to finish the second bobbin of the Ashford fibre. I'll be very surprised if I get it done before the end of the Tour.

My Schacht Ladybug should be here any day. I can't wait to set it up and give it a try. I'm most anxious to see where the Ladybug will be. Will it be somewhere visible or somewhere no one else will be able to see? I hope it's going to be visible.

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  • At 10:42 a.m., Blogger Dreams of Yarn said…

    Hope you get your Ladybug soon!!! I cant wait to see it and hear your review. Look at all those SOCKS!!! LOL

  • At 3:15 p.m., Anonymous Jan said…

    Happy Blogiversary, Rochelle!


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