Monday, June 22, 2009

An Afternoon of Spinning

Yesterday we spent the afternoon by my in-law's and I brought my Little Gem with me. I finally finished plying the purple Lorna's Laces merino singles I finished spinning quite a while ago.I was a little afraid that since it's been so long since the singles were done the plying would end up being a disaster. I gave the yarn a nice hot bath when we got home and it looks really good considering. I have 122 grams but it's not totally dry yet so I am not sure of the yardage. I'll check that tomorrow along with the WPI. It took me about 3 hrs to finish the plying and boy did my knees hurt by the time I was done.
I was a little surprised I was still able to spin but I was treadling much slower with the spinning than I was with the plying so I was fine. This is just a little bit of the cinnamon merino/silk I bought on Saturday. I'm going to bring it with me to the spin in on Saturday and continue with it. I was also playing with my Golding tsunami spindle and spun about the same about of that I spun on Saturday during class. Now to try and keep it up and not put it by the wayside again.

Today I am going to finally cast on the February Lady for the Purple Purl KAL so I won't get anymore spinning in. For some reason I am really tired so I think I am going to konk out early tonight.

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