Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lots of Knitting, No FOs.

I've managed to get quite a bit of knitting in lately. Unfortunately, I don't really have much to show for it. I am working on the third stitch pattern on the shawl I am designing but I've had to put that aside for a while so I can think about my options and let everything digest.

I am halfway through the second set of stars in the Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket for Leah but I didn't take it with me yesterday when I went to the Purl. It's getting larger and I didn't want to take it out of the house. So, I decided to start the blanket for Adam. I'm doing the same blanket as for Leah but I am using a much thicker yarn. The yarn is Patons Country Style DK that I had in my stash. I'm surprised it's DK. It looks more like a worsted weight. I'm using 5.50mm needles and this is what I managed to do yesterday while at the Purl. I have to put this aside for a little while as well.

The reason I have to put it aside is to knit this. The pattern is called Naomi and it is from The Mirasol Collection - Book 5 by Jane Ellison. The yarn is Nuna and even though the picture doesn't look like it, the colour is teal. This is what I've managed to knit today. I did the swatch this morning and had to wait for it to dry before I could measure and cast on. Tis needs to be done by the Knitter's Frolic so no matter how you look at it I'm going to be knitting my fingers to the bone and even then I am not sure I'll get it done. I have less than 2 weeks. The back has 145 sts and I have to knit it to 29 inches on 3.5mm needles. I'm beginning to wonder what I might have gotten myself into. I just don't want to disappoint but I will do the best I can and that is all I can do.

On that note, it's back to knitting for me.

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