Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Way back in November I preordered the new Addi Click needles. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I FINALLY received the set yesterday. I gave them a trial run last night. Overall I am quite impressed. The cords are extremely flexible. I was a little worried about the "learning curve" I'd read about but it was nothing. Once I read the pamplet that came with the needles on how to assemble it was really quite easy. The packaging is top notch. Something you would expect from Addi. There is a connector that you can use to connect two cords so if you need longer lengths you have that option. It even comes with a needle gauge so if the stamps on the needles rub off you will have the gauge right there. If I had one wish it would be that it came with more cords. I am waiting for them to sell tips and cords separately. Other than that I can't say enough good things about the set. I'm glad I preordered even though there was a very long wait. With the current exchange rate the prices here in Canada have increased. That's what it looks like anyway based on checking out some different sites.

On the knitting front, I got the next clue for the Vernal Equinox Spring Surprise Shawl. I started it last night and I should be done with it tonight. After this clue is done there is only one more left. Then blocking and deciding where it is going to go. My granddaughter loves pink and I am thinking I might send it to her to use when she is cold in the house.

I started a pair of socks from some Regia Galaxy yarn I had in my stash. I finished the first sock in two days and then started the second. I thought I would get it done on Sunday. I was working on the gusset when I realized I had a mistake and I ripped back to the end of the increases for the toe. Surprisingly enough I was able to knit back all that I had ripped by the time the laundry was done. Now I put it aside while I finish clue 6a on the shawl. After that's done I don't know what I want to start. Decisions decisions.

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