Friday, April 03, 2009

Attempting To Design

Things have been busy around here as always. Today the weather is just horrible. It's been raining all day. I wish it would just stop. I've had enough of it.

The good part about rain, however, is that you don't feel guilty when you're not out in the warm sunshine. I've taken advantage of the nasty weather to make more progress on the design I've been working on. Last week I took a shawl design class at The Purple Purl. The instructor was Amy Singer of Knitty fame. The class was two consecutive Thursday's. Well I spent 5 days going through stitch dictionaries trying to find patterns I like and then just picked 3 diamond shaped motifs I liked. The class was on either triangular or rectangular shawls but I wanted to do square. It is, after all, just 4 triangles no?

This is the progress I've made so far. I am in the middle of the second stitch motif and I've almost completed 2 repeats. I think I am going to do at least another half repeat if not an entire repeat. I'll decide when I finish the second. As I look at the picture, I'm not sure if I like the 4 rounds of st st that divide the two stitch motifs either. I am not sure if I should have just done 2. I will make a final decision on that once I get the knitting done on this one and block it.



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