Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovely Spin In Over

Yesterday was the summer spin in at Gemini Fibres. I headed up there bright and early and did some shopping before I pulled out my Little Gem. Last week I asked them to hole 2 spindles for me since I knew I would be back this week. This one is a Granny Forrester spindle in Padauk wood.
This one is another of his colourwood spindles. I just love the look of them. I have to get another one of his Pyrography spindles but he won't be making more of the colourwood, as I mentioned in a previous post, because he doesn't have the wood. This is the bottom of the spindle.
This is the top of the spindle. They are just so pretty and the colours look so nice when you see them spinning. There is one more colourwood spindle I wanted but the shaft was a little rough. I've asked that Mr. Forrester look at it and see if anything can be done before I bring it home.
I think I've figured out a way to store my spindles a little better than they are being stored at the moment. I have them in this plastic popcorn bucket that you get when you go to the movies. I found this wicker basket and I am going to put a piece of styrofoam in it and put as many spindles in there as I can. If I don't have enough room for all of them I'll get another basket.

Finally, I bought more fibre. You can never have enough. I've been spinning this same fibre in another colourway called cinnamon. It's an Ashford fibre blend of 80/20 Merino and Silk. I tell you this stuff practically spins itself. This colourway is called Juniper. It has purple tones in it and I love purple.They have another colourway called Mulberry that I want to get but someone else took all the fibre of that colourway that was in stock so I will have to get it the next time I'm out that way.



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