Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Messenger Inside

CreativeHands asked me to post pictures of the Jordana Paige Messenger bag when it was filled. Well there is room for way more stuff than I have in here right now but this will give you an idea of how much can actually fit in it. Tonight is Snb night and ideally I'd liked to get the buttons on my February Lady sweater so the large GoKnit camo bag has the FLS sweater in it along with the buttons, snaps and other things in it. The small purple GoKnit bag has the Bird's Nest Smoke Ring that I'm working on. I hope to get that finished by the end of the week and I'll post pictures once it's complete. There is a front pocket that just has a few things in it right now but as you can see there is plenty of room.

I am very pleased to say I think my spinning streak has continued. On Sunday I finished spinning the second bobbin of the purple corriedale fibre. I finished plying one bobbin yesterday morning and finished the second bobbin last night. I am not going to complain at all about the results. The Purple Purl had another bag of this fibre and I am seriously thinking of getting another bag. The spinning beings are being kind to me of late and I need to take advantage for as long as it lasts.

Speaking of The Purple Purl and spinning, they are having a twist and ply class beginning next month that I would like to take. Somehow I think that these recent results are just dumb luck because I am not a technical spinner. I did a pretty good job of trying to repeat the results I had with the brown corriedale but I think I can do better.

Now to get back to the pink BFL I was spinning. I transferred the small amount I already spun from the Woolee Winder bobbin to the fat core bobbin that comes with the lace kit for the Majacraft wheels. I did encounter 1 problem. I couldn't get the flyer to go onto the regular head I have. It did screw onto the high speed head so I switched them. That won't work for the Little Gem because the high speed head can only be used on the Suzie, Millie, or Rose wheels but not the Little Gem or Pioneer. I have an email out to Majacraft and The Black Lamb to find a solution.

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