Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Remember those kidney stones I had that I ended up not having at all? Turns out, the doctor believes, it was a urinary tract infection that might have gone into my kidney. I've been fighting this infection for the longest time. I've been on antibiotics for almost a year now. It started with Sulfatrim and then switched to Macrobid in November. I've been worried sick because the last time I went to see the oncologist the blood showed the creatinine was elevated. I thought that was strange because my family doctor did blood work about 3 weeks earlier and everything came back normal. I called the urologist last week and he sent me a requisition to have another set of tests done. I received the results today. The creatinine level was normal and for the first time there were no white cells in the urine. I feel like I am FINALLY getting there. I still have to take the antibiotics twice a day for another month and then go down to once a day for the rest of the summer. I have to go back to see the urologist in the fall. I am still a little confused about the high levels in April but the doctor believes it might have been a lab error.

On the knitting front, the last chart for the doily is going to take a while. I am only on rnd 11 and each rnd takes about 30 minutes or more. I am still hoping to get it done in a few weeks. I can't show any progress because at this point I don't want to play games and try and put the sts on a bunch of different needles so I can take pictures. A dropped stitch would be disaster. That means no more pictures until the doily is completed.

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