Saturday, April 26, 2008

Too Much Frolic-ing

Is there such a thing as too much of the Knitter's Frolic? If it's possible I think I did it. It's a good thing I didn't bring all my money with me or I probably would have been a lot worse than I was. There is still a stuffed alpaca that has my name on it from Green Acres Aplaca Farm but that will be another day.

I met Kimberly & Shannon at the JCCC. We started off at Dyed in the Wool Handmade. Maggie has the most amazing colour sense. I am in awe of what she does.

This is the yarn I bought from Maggie. The green is a bamboo/merino sock yarn and the other stuff is laceweight. I have some great beads I bought from Bead FX a few weeks ago and I think I am going to use the lace yarn to do the Moroccan Days / Arabian Nights stole.

Lettuce Knits had all Lexie Barns bags at 20% off. If I hadn't already bought 2 bags (see below) I might have gotten another Lady B bag. I already have it in Baja but I just love that bag. Instead I ended up bying a smaller bag that is perfect for holding spindles or projects.

Speaking of bags I had already bought, I have wanted this Jordana Paige bag for the longest time. I emailed the Needle Emporium but due to email difficulties Julie didn't receive any of my emails. I really wanted the bag in blue but they didn't have it in stock. The grape was my second choice. However, since my emails never got there they only brought one of the Knitter's Satchel bags to the show. I actually liked the deep red colour so I decided to go ahead and get it.

I also bought the Namaste Laguna bag in turquoise colour from Julie. Shannon is a bag-a-holic and she came to our snb with this baby in the green colour a few months ago. I knew this was in my future and today was the day.

I plead insanity when it comes to the spindle. I went to Gemini Fibres booth just to look for the May/June 2008 Piecework magazine. It has "Create Extraordinary Lace" on the cover and I caught a glimpse of it while I was eating lunch. I had to go back and look for it. I mean really. It's lace and anyone who reads my blog knows how crazy I am about lace. I almost got away, really I did. I had the magazine in my hand and was ready to go and pay when one of the women that was there last year brought down this basket full of gorgeous spindles. I had glanced at some of them around the magazine rack but I was able to resist. When I saw this one I had to give it a try. I just couldn't resist. Give it a try I did and it spun so well I couldn't leave it behind. In my defense, I haven't bought a single spindle for about 6 months. That's a record for me. Now I have to stay away from Gemini.

The Purple Purl had a sale on Malagrigo. I love their lace weight so I picked up the lovely yellow lace yarn. The Indigo Moon is sock yarn. My two downfalls, socks and lace.

This is more lace. What a big surprise. How can you go wrong when you get yummy merino and it's close to 1,000 yards for only $24? You just can't pass that up. I tried. I resisted and resisted and then I just had to go back for it. The company is Oceanwind Knits. I know exactly what I am going to knit with it too. I just don't have the pattern yet. I'll let you all know when I get it. I can't remember the name.

Penny my SP11 spoiler, gave me a gift certificate from Redbird Knits. I didn't want to use it before because I didn't want to use part of it for shipping. So I saved it for the Frolic. The Cosmic Dawn Fleece Artist was the last they had of it. I love the colourway. The Lang was on clearance for $8.00. I mean really!!! How can you pass up 150 grams of sock yarn for $8.00??? The yarn is supposed to be sport but it doesn't really look like it to me. The yarn also has the matching reinforcing thread inside the ball. Thank you Penny! I put the gift certificate to very good use.

Last but not least, I bought this blue fibre from The Black Lamb. That's another thing I resisted. I left the booth a few times without buying it but the colour kept calling to me so I finally just caved. The picture doesn't do it justice. It really is much more blue than it looks here.



  • At 9:13 PM, Blogger Dreams of Yarn said…

    you got some good scores today buddy! I had fun with you and kimberly, its always a blast to hang out with you guys and shopping together was great!! I didnt feel so bad spending money cause everybody else was too!!!

  • At 10:24 PM, OpenID crazyknittinglady said…

    You did pretty darned well! It was nice to run into you. I scored some nice Malabrigio too, though it was worsted...and some Black Lamb sock yarn...and a few other things... I wish I could have gotten some Dyed in the Wool but I was low on the cash and they didn't do plastic. Oh well - note for next year! ;)

  • At 11:21 AM, OpenID sinensis said…

    Nice to see you at the Frolic, I looked long and hard at that Oceanwinds laceweight too... 1000 yards, how could I have said no!?! I didn't buy any of the Malabrigo but I petted it... and petted, and petted... I went home with Dream in Colour instead. Can't wait to see what projects you get out of it.

  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger Maggie said…

    Nice haul! And great photo of my booth, yay!

    I'm sorry I couldn't do credit cards. Next time I will be able to take plastic!


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