Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shine Shine Shine

Look what the postman brought me today. The colour is a little off but look at the shine!!! This is merino/tencel 30/70 blend that I ordered from Crown Mountain Farms in colour purple. I can't wait to try and spin some up.

I am not feeling dizzy anymore but my world is still not 100%. Having said that I am feeling well enough to drive up to Mt. Albert so I am going to go up to Gemini Fibres on Saturday and pick up the Louet Victoria she has waiting for me. I was originally going to pick it up this past Saturday but I didn't think I could handle the drive so I didn't do it. Once I have the new wheel I will have the time to get acquainted before the spinning clinic at Gemini on May 5th.

On the knitting front, I've gone back to working on the Sweet Dreams Baby blanket. I have to finish soon. The baby is due 3 days after my birthday on May 25th so I want to get it done as soon as possible and see if I can knit a sweater or something to match since I will have enough yarn left over to do it.

My other daughter-in-law, Deena, asked if I could make a sweater for Mati and I want to try and get that done soon as well. I just have to decide on a pattern. I am going to use the Laines du Norde Baby Star that I bought from Elann in the Spring Flowers colourway. I might even have enough to make something for the grandchild to be that's due in May from this stuff too. I am planning a visit as soon as I can so I want to knit what I can to bring with me when I go.

I have 2 samples left from the original samples I promised to knit for The Walker Treasury Project. Once I finish the blanket I will finish those 2 and then post pictures of the last 4 samples I did. I want to get back to the Forest Path Stole too. I have so much I want to knit and no time to do it. Between work, the computer, and life there isn't much time left over for knitting but I do what I can when I can.


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