Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Can Someone Explain This To Me?

I am a little frustrated with ordering books in Canada once again. I posted before about books here in Canada and how I ended up ordering from Knit Picks because Amazon and Chapters showed the books as still only available for pre-order. This time the problem is with I am not quite sure what the heck the problem is but can someone explain to me why books that are available everywhere else are still shown as a pre-order on their website?

I received an email yesterday that More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch is delayed yet again. I had pre-ordered it along with Favorite Socks by Ann Budd. When I received the email yesterday I called Amazon and was told they don't even know when the book will be sent to them. I did tell them the book was already available in the US. I even told the gentleman I spoke to it was available at He said they will look into it and get back to me in a few days. The Favorite Socks book is supposed to be shipped to me today. I will believe that one when I see it. I would cancel the order altogether and get it at except the Favorite Socks book is full price even though the More Sensational Socks book is discounted. If I don't get an answer by the beginning of next week I am going to chuck the entire order and just get it from Knit Picks. They at least have both in stock. Sometimes I feel like I live on the other side of the world here in Canada. There is so much that you can get in the United States that you can't get here. We're only next door why this is so is beyond me. So much for free trade. But I don't want to get political here so I will drop it.

On the knitting front I haven't worked on the Forest Path Stole in a week. I finished tier 15 and I had to it aside for a little while. I am working on some "squares" for the Barbara Walker Treasuries project. I finished two yesterday and will finish one more today before I have to go out for the evening. I have to get back to working on the star pattern that is in book 4. I don't like the colours I started with so I am going to chuck that one and start over. I have to figure out what yarn and colours I want to use and then I'll get to it. I am doing all the samples I have to do (besides the star) in Bernat Handicraft Cotton. I really like the way they work up and the patterns seem to have very nice definition. I have 2 big balls in 2 different colours - Robin Egg and Shell Pink. If I have enough when I am done and I think the two will look alright together I might do the star with these colours.


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