Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Couldn't Resist - Look What I Cooked UP

After my day with Maggie I just couldn't resist giving it a try on my own. I WAS going to use the purple mixed dye I brought home with me but I couldn't resist trying another colour. So I used the blue dye I got in the kit from Hello Yarn. I really really like the blue. When I first soaked the fibre I was planning on doing it in spots and making it blue and natural but then as I was pouring the dye in spots I liked it so much I decided to do the entire thing one colour. I have to remember things like GLOVES when I am pouring the powder into the bottle. Silly me forgot it at first. Remembered the mask, forgot the gloves. I was alright after I ran and got the gloves. I ended up with dye on my upper arm when I was pouring it into the pan. It must have dripped on the side of the pan and that part of my arm wasn't covered with the glove so I must have touched the pan and gotten some on my arm. It will wear off in time so I am not worried. Here it is ready to go into the oven.

Here it is after cooking for 40 minutes. After the problem yesterday with the steamed roving I didn't want to run into the same problem so I thought I would bake it for 40 minutes just to be safe. I am not waiting for it to cool. It's in the sink in the pan, as you can see below. Once it is washed and dried I will take another picture of the finished product. Next time I think I am going to bring some dye over to my MIL and mix stuff outside in the backyard. I want to try the second half of the bag of this roving by mixing two colours and see how it turns out.

My son Shlomie was in New York for Pesach. He went to see his sisters and he took pictures of the little ones. So here are the three of them togehter. That's Shimon on the left, Menachem Mendel in the middle and Liba, the oldest, on the right. I am going to go see them for the long Victoria Day weekend in May and I can't wait. I come home on my birthday so I will get to spend part of my birthday with them. I am so excited I can hardly wait.


  • At 3:37 p.m., Anonymous your sp friend said…

    the grandchildren look sooo cute! i sure bet you are excited to see them!

  • At 4:12 p.m., Blogger Chelle said…

    Gorgeous grandkids Rochelle!

    See you Tuesday!!


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