Sunday, December 10, 2006


After an unsuccessful day yesterday trying to find a coat for Joseph we decided to give it another try today. This time we went to Scarborough Town Centre. We had the same results today as yesterday. I give up. The winter coat he has is going to have to be good enough. We'll just dress him in tons of layers to give him extra warmth.

Spindle spinning is a blast. I just have one problem. I have horrible back problems. If I stand for too long it just aggravates the back pain. I did so much spinning yesterday my back was just gone after the first hour. Sitting and spinning I have to wind on a lot more often and it slows me down and I had horrible shoulder pain this morning. I'm not sure if it is a chill or the result of my spinning. So, I decided I needed a higher chair. Sears didn't have anything so I went to Wal-Mart. This is the stool I ended up getting. The seat is nice and soft, it swivels and it has a higher back than most of the bar stools I've seen. I can spin for a lot longer too. It's great. I'm so happy I got it. It was a little more expensive than I wanted but I got this one because of the higher back and this one is sturdier than the other model they had. I'm a big girl and I didn't want it falling apart on me.

We had a semi birthday party for Joseph today by my MIL. Joseph's birthday is December 22nd and my in-laws great-granddaughter's birthday is December 6th. Every year we have a party for both of them before Christmas. I have to do something so I was spinning. I'm discovering that people don't get it. They can't figure out why I would even bother spinning my own yarn. I guess if you don't do it you just don't get it.

I'm 2/3 done with the second 50 gram skein. I'm still a little sore today so I don't think I will get the rest of it done tonight. I will get it done tomorrow and then I'll ply it with this makeshift lazy kate. I'm going to put each 50 grams that I wound onto the tp roll onto the needles and ply away. I am excited about this one. If it comes out as good as Maggie's did it will be fantastic.

My biggest problem with spinning now is the starting and the joining. I don't use a leader. Maybe I should. The beginning and the joins are always thicker than the rest of the skein. I suppose that will improve with time as well.


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