Monday, December 04, 2006

I Love the Postman

Look what the postman brought me today. My Bosworth Purpleheart mini spindle. I left the paper with the exact weight at work but I believe it is 20 or 21 grams. The notch on the mini, as many of you probably know, is in the back. I much prefer the notch behind the hook as opposed to on either side of the hook. I don't find the that spindle "spins like a top" as others have said but I do like it. I'll play with it some more. I found with the Golding that once it had fibre on it the spin was much better. I wonder if that's because of the light weight of the spindle itself?

I also received my order from Matahari Spinnery. That's what's on the spindle. I heard about this place from one of the spinning Yahoo groups I signed up to after I took my spindle spinning workshop. The fleece is Blue Face Leicester. It's clean and just great. It was their special for the month of November. Now that I've received this order I am debating if I want to order some of their December special. I probably will end up getting some. Part of the money for your order goes to charity. You get to feed your obsession and do some good at the same time. What more can you ask for?? This newbie would highly recommend the place.

Tomorrow is SnB night and Maggie is heading back from New Jersey today. I hope she will be there. It all depends on how tired the family is from their trip. I can't wait to see what spinning she was up to while she was gone. If I know Maggie she has surpassed my spinning by leaps and bounds. Her spinning is amazing. I am so glad I decided to give her that spindle even if it was crap. Kimberly wants to learn too. I wonder if I have a spindle I could loan her. I'll have to see.

I had a card from the post office in my box today. That means they tried to deliver something and I wasn't home. (That's why I always try to have stuff delivered to where I work.) I am hoping it is the XRX Victorian Lace book. I called them on Friday because I have not received my pre-ordered copy yet. It was shipped November 2nd but it hasn't arrived yet. I was told it's shipped book rate or something. I guess that means slow boat to China. I'll have to remember this the next time I want to pre-order something from them. If I had pre-ordered it from or I would have had it a long time ago.

Time to get back to knitting. The Fisherman Stocking is coming along nicely. I like the yarn I got for it. It's acrylic but it had the sparkly stuff running through it so I thought it would be festive for the holidays. I'll post pics tomorrrow.


  • At 8:06 a.m., Blogger Stashaholic said…

    So now you see what I mean about the Bosworth? It's so so isn't it? Although it did get better as I spun thinner, but still I prefer my $17 Ashford.

    You'll love the Victorian Lace - mine came on Friday. I have to wear a bib when reading to avoid all drool marks. :-)

    Now if only I was brave enough to knit something - somehow it makes me feel not worthy! But it sure is purty ;-)

  • At 9:04 a.m., Blogger Yosemite said…

    I got better at the Bossie after I worked with it last night. I have it with me now so I can bring it to our SnB tonight. I like it. I just have to get better at using it. I'm hoping the card I got from the PO is the Victorian Lace book.


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