Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Am I Spindled Out Yet?

Maggie went to Gemini Fibres for me today and brought me lots of goodies. The spindle is another Forrester. I love the colours and the spin is amazing. I also got a Handy Andy, distaff, and a travel niddy noddy that I can carry along with me in my bag. The noddy looks like it was made to go along with the Orchard spindle I have so I just couldn't resist. I have to read the instructions that go along with the Handy Andy and give it a try. I know how to do the Andean plying with my hand so I am pretty sure this won't be difficult at all. I tried the distaff and I think I need to read Spinning In The Old Way to see what is the correct way of using it. I tried it at the SnB and I didn't quite get the hang of it. I know you're supposed to wind the fibre around the wooden staff but it swings and gets in the way. I think I am doing something wrong. As with everything else, I will figure it out one way or the other.


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