Saturday, December 30, 2006

Say It With Pictures

Maggie, Kimberly and I went to Romni Wools. Here's what I got there and at Lettuce Knit.

Extra Northern Lights 100% wool in Autumn Twilight to wind because I don't like the way the second ball I did on the wheel came out.

I liked this colour - Pastels.

And this colour - Cotton Candy.

More Oriental Jade merino/silk blend so I am sure I will have enough for a shawl.

I'm not sure what this is. The guy at Romni said BAL but I don't know what that is. I thought it was Corriedale. Might be Blue Face Leicester.

The roving that came with the wheel.

The yarn is so soft. The wool is dyed Polworth from Joybilee Farms.

The completed Fisherman Christmas stocking. I didn't have a chance to post the picture earlier.

I just couldn't resist this watch. I saw it at Crafter's Choice. It's too cute.

They say the difference between the men and the boys are the price of their toys. Well I'm not a boy but I can't think of a rhyme for girls and toys. We weren't going to get this until my birthday because of the wheel. I went to Future Shop and it was on sale and I had tried to get it on line and the website was too overloaded. I couldn't believe when I decided to pop into the Markham Future Shop (because I was driving by, I didn't make a special trip because I was sure they would also be sold out) and they had it in stock. So I got it. Paul is a camera buff and he thinks I made a good choice. I love it.

Last but by no means least, a Sony mp3 Walkman. The sound is good and now that I am used to how it works, it's pretty cool.


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