Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Remember!!

Last night I decided there was no way I could have forgotten how to spindle spin. It should be like riding a bike - once you learn you never forget right? So I pulled out my Orchard Forrester spindle and gave it a whorl. It took a little while but I am back to spinning on the spindle.

And speaking of spindle spinning, I received my order from Quantum Spindles on Friday. I ordered a spindle for myself and when Wendy read on the Spindlers group that Joseph had expressed an interest in learning to spin she included a spindle for Joseph as a gift.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed when I open the box and looked at the spindles because they didn't have notches. I emailed Wendy and she gave me some suggestions and told me to try the spindles without the notch and if I still had a problem I should contact her. I must admit that I am in love with these spindles.

This is the spindle that was sent for Joseph and the above spindle is the one I ordered. They spin like tops and I don't have to worry about the yarn coming off the hook when I spin it up my leg. I've had spindles with notches that I had to double wrap around the hook because the yarn kept coming out. These spindles are amazing. Now I just have to get Joseph to give it a try. I want to order a light weight one now not more than 25 grams and I want more Bossie's. Why oh why can't I be rich so I can just get whatever I want? I can still dream though can't I?


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