Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Weekend Is Over Already???

How can the weekend possibly go by so quickly? We went Halloween costume shopping with Joseph. We didn't manage to find what he was looking for. He wants to be a knight this year and all we got was a cape. So next weekend we will have to go to more places to see what we can find.

Not much knitting going on here. I did manage to finish the heel on the first test sock. I hate this yarn so much I am seriously thinking of chucking it after the first sock and not even bothering making a second sock. This yarn is just one of the most annoying yarns I have ever knit with. It seems like every other stitch splits. On a positive note I do like the heel from Jackie E-S much better than the short row heel. I find it much easier to knit and I think this heel might last longer than the short row heel. Of course it is also possible this heel looks better because I haven't had as much practice with the short row heel. I'll have to give it a try with yarn that isn't as bad as this stuff.

I bought knew sock blockers in a size small. This one I bought from Grand River Yarns. The other ones I have are Fiber Trends and in size medium. Since I don't usually knit socks for Paul these two sizes should be all I need. I also bought the medium ball winder. I have the small and I have a jumbo somewhere. I just can't find where right now. I need more room for all my knitting stuff so I can find them when I need them!! Oh well, I was getting desparate to wind the Fleece Artists yarn into a ball so I decided it can't hurt to get a medium size winder since I needed to wind a 225 gram ball.


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