Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Slowly But Surely

I'm slowly making progress on the socks I am trying to design. I ripped out the red ones I started. I finished one of the test socks and I wasn't very happy with it so I decided to rip it. Now I am knitting the test socks in Sisu yarn and a dusty rose colour. I love the colour but I hate the yarn. I find it splits like crazy. I tried doing the short row heel on this sock and I've decided I don't care for it too much. I can't get the sock to fit properly. I must be starting the heel too soon because the foot portion comes out way too short. So I am going to use the heel from Heartstrings Basic Toe Up Socks Worksheet.

I also couldn't wait to start knitting with the cursed yarn I inherited from Maggie. I started the Moon Dance Stole by Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist. Since the yarn I have is limited to one skein of Zephyr, I decided to make a scarf instead of a stole. I cast on 61 sts and I'll work less repeats. So far I haven't had a problems with the cursed yarn but I've only knit about 10 rows.

I was very bad and got some Bluefaced Leicester by Fleece Artist in either the wildflowers or seashore colour. The colours are very similar and the yarn doesn't say the colour name on the labels but the colours are a little brighter in the wildflowers than the seashore. I love this yarn. This is the yarn I bought for the Scheherezade stole. This stole is also from Pink Lemon Twist. I have to get back to working on it but I can't seem to get motivated. I'm sure I'll finish it sooner or later.

I bought this mini sock blocker from Felt Up Designs. These things are the cutest things I have ever seen. It even comes with a mini sock pattern.

On a non-knitting note...I FINALLY received my laptop and printer order from Dell. I didn't get any knitting done tonight because I am busy trying to move stuff from the desktop to the laptop. I hope I will get all of it done by the weekend.


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