Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back At It

I've been putting off spinning because I am expecting the wheel this week. I didn't want to go through the hell I went through to ply the last yarn I made. The problem is I can't stop. So I've decided to try and spin the rest of the pencil top roving I have from the yarn I just finished. It's Nothern Lights 100% wool top in Autumn Twilight colour. I tried knitting with the yarn I did and I've decided I am going to knit something lace with it. I started knitting socks but with st st the uneven yarn is much more evident. I am hoping if I knit lace it will hide the imperfections in the yarn. I've rewound the ball I did and cut out the 3 spots that had knots in one of the strands from where the curls wouldn't uncurl and just knotted itself. I also fixed the few areas where one of the strands broke and I had some problems getting the broken strand to spin enough to stay in place. The skein is now ready to knit. That's why I couldn't wait to spin more. I want to know how much yardage I will have so I can decide what pattern I want to use. I'm leaning towards something from the Victorian Lace Today book but the final decision will be based on how much yarn I end up with.

So here's the plan for the rest of this top. I've split the remaining top into two parts of about 64 grams each. I've started spinning the first 64 grams. I'm hoping it will all fit on this spindle. Once the first 64 grams is done I'm going to spin the second 64 grams on another spindle. Then I'll put them in shoe boxes and ply. I noticed when I rewound the yarn I did that the plying could have used more spinning in spots. I will have to watch that more when I do this ball. I'm having a much easier time now. The yarn only broke once and I think I'm getting more even all the time. My joins and beginnings are improving as well. If each yarn I make is better than the one before that's all I can ask for. I don't need perfection. I'm not a machine.

Well it's off to shopping and laundry. I need another bar stool to use over at my in-laws so I can spin and not be uncomfortable while I am at their place.

Pictures of Lyra coming later today.


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