Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So Much To Tell

So much has happened since I last posted I don't even know where to begin. It's been a busy summer. My daughter came for a visit at the beginning of August and she brought her youngest along. His nickname Elmo and he is just adorable and a handful as you can well imagine. He gets into everything. I brought him to visit my friend and she has a dog. At first he was a little scared because Bianca was barking. Then she fell asleep and Elmo got pretty brave.

Meet my newest grandchild. She's a beautiful little girl. Her name is Sara Liba. She was born on Thursday and she looks just like her brother Mati.
Don't believe me? Here he is when his dad took him to a Brooklyn Cyclones game this summer.
Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday. I don't know where the time goes. This is Shmuel with his daughter. I've been blessed with wonderful children and lovely grandchildren. What move can a person ask for?
On the knitting side of life, I've been in a colour knitting craze of late. I gave Henny the first Dale of Norway sweater set I made for Elmo. Now that the weather is getting cooler I'm sure I'll have a picture of him wearing the set sooner rather than later.

This is another Dale of Norway set I'm working on for Sara Liba. The pattern is from book number 208 and the pattern the 10th in the book. Here it is before steeking. I did steeks for the front and back of the neck since there was really only one long cast off at the neck for both the front and the back.
Here's what it looked like post steeking.
Now the sleeves are in. This morning I picked up the stitches for the front button band. Once that's done I'll do the buttonhole band. Then there's the pants and hat to go but those won't need to be cut.
If that wasn't enough colour knitting, I'm also working on this pattern from the same book. This is pattern 7. It's for my girlfriends daughter. She had a baby girl on August 26th, I think, and this is going to be another steeking project. I'm only planning on doing the hat and sweater for this but after this I should be an expert at steeking.

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