Friday, February 19, 2010

1st Pair Done

This morning I finished the first pair of socks. I was hoping to finish the second sock earlier in the week but I got side tracked by the Fiddlehead mittens. The second pair using this yarn is for a size 6 shoe so I hope it will be faster to knit. Since I only work a half day on Friday I should get some good knitting time in. My goal is to get past the heel today but I'm not sure I'll get that much knitting done. Only time will tell.

Tomorrow is the second Fiddlehead mitten class at The Purple Purl and I am going to try and resist the temptation to do the lining or start the second mitt until after the knitting olympics is done. I really must finish the second pair of socks in this yarn before the closing ceremonies or they'll never get done. I still have to knit one more pair for my grandson as well so I have lots of knitting ahead of me before I can qualify for a gold medal.



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