Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Did The Month Go?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted. I knew I had not posted in a while but I thought it was more like two weeks. I guess I've been busier than I thought.

On Sunday I took an advanced sock knitting class at The Purple Purl. Why advanced you might ask? Because you knit two socks at once but not side by side. One is knit INSIDE the other. I tell you this totally blew my brains out. It's mind boggling and FUN once you get the hang of it. The ribbing is a bitch and I still need to remember things so I don't screw up and end up attached the two socks at some point. Yesterday I finished my first sample socks. This is my second attempt. It's still going to be a sample and I messed up doing the ribbing twice but it's still good and fun. Faster, I don't think so. However, just being able to do it makes up for the slower part.

When these are done I'll post pictures before I take them off the needles. I have to work on my tension for the heels so I don't have huge gaps. That's what I want to get right before I attempt to knit real socks.


  • At 3:38 p.m., Anonymous Marsha said…

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and was excited to see this post about knitting two socks at once. had a huge how-to article on this a few years ago. I dutifully printed it out but have been too timid to try it yet--but after reading your post, I am feeling inspired! :)

  • At 4:19 p.m., Blogger Dreams of Yarn said…

    WOWSA make sure you bring them the next time we meet up, I want to check them out!!

  • At 7:22 p.m., Blogger Chelle said…

    Wow I've heard of this but never seen it in person...have to catch up with you to see yours!

    take care...chelle

  • At 1:42 p.m., Blogger Maureen said…

    OHHH, someone at knit night a few months back was doing that, I searched it out online afterwards and it just boggled my mind. That looks amazing!!

  • At 10:10 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That is soooooo cool. You truley are one amazing lady!! Are going to be at the frolic?



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