Monday, January 17, 2011

Back At It, I Hope

It's been a long time since I blogged. The time goes by so quickly and I just haven't felt like posting.

I have been busy knitting. Last Friday I went to The Purple Purl and picked up yarn to knit The Sheep Hat by Barbara Telford of Woodland Woolworks. I didn't really like the colours that were in the kit. Being a purple person myself, I bought some lovely colours for my version of the hat. The yarn is Louet Riverstone and I like it much better. It's still a 100% worsted weight yarn but it's not harsh even though it is feltable yarn. I am so please with the way it came out I want to try and knit another one and use a smaller needle to see if it will stay on my head better. I have that problem no matter what hat I tend to wear. I'll make longer ties on the next one so I can tie it down when needed. I also have the Ladybug pattern and kit but I haven't had a chance to knit that one yet. I bought the Riverstone yarn for that one as well.

Over the year end break I managed to finish all the baby projects I'd been working on except one. This is a Dale of Norway baby set but I can't remember which book it's from. I used Sandnesgarn Mini Duett and the results are gorgeous. This is for my new granddaughter that was born in September. Better late than never and I knit a size 24 months so I'm sure it will still be very big.

Oh and if anyone ever uses Mini Duett, make sure you DON'T put it in the dryer. The Vancouver sweater set I did for my grandson accidentally landed in the dryer and it no longer fits him due to shrinkage. So I'm knitting another set in a 24 months size that I hope to finish before he gets to big for it.

This is another Dale pattern. If I knew where I put all the Dale "books" I have I could tell you which one it was from. I put them all together in one place so I would know where they are and that's a sure fire way to misplace them since I still can't remember where I put them all. Thank goodness I copy all my patterns instead of working directly from the book or my goose would have been cooked. The yarn is the Dale Baby Ull and when I bought it I did not realize there was a darker purple. It didn't really patter since the yarn store I went to didn't have the colour and now that there isn't a supplier for the Dale Baby Ull in Canada any longer, I'm just glad I was able to get more so I was able to make the hat.

Now I have to finish the Vancouver set again. The body is done and one sleeve is almost done. I've put it aside for about 2 weeks while I work on a pattern for someone that needs to be completed in 2 weeks.


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