Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wish Lists

Paul said this morning "Neither you or Joseph have given me your wish list." To which I replied I only want one thing and every penny I get from the people at work or gifts this year is going to go towards that one thing. What is that thing you might ask? It's this - The Majacraft Suzie Pro. I've thought a long time about this. I love the Rose as well but I already have the Little Gem and I bought the fast whorl so I decided the extra expense of the Rose would better be served by getting fibre or more accessories. Once I decided on the Suzie I needed to decide which one. I knew I wanted either the Pro or the Alpaca because I've heard the heaviness of the wheel makes treadling easier. I LOVE the look of the alpaca and now with the black wheel it is even more tempting. The reason I decided on the pro is the ratios. The pro has higher ratios than the alpaca so that is what is on my wish list. I won't have it for Christmas but that's alright (I won't be here anyway). I plan on picking it up the last week in April at the Knitter's Frolic here in Toronto. I've already got the Woolee Winder and I will get the fast head for it.

Joseph, he said he wants an Xbox 360. I think it's kinda silly since we don't have an HDTV yet but I have a feeling he'll end up with one in the not too distant future.

The cold is still visiting but I think I might be starting to turn that corner. I actually got some sleep last night. I haven't picked up knitting needles since Friday but I think I might actually get some knitting time in this afternoon. We are having our Christmas lunch at work today and I think I am going to go home and rest instead. We are supposed to get some freezing rain and nasty weather today so I will just stay home and relax until I have to get Joseph from school and hope by then the freezing rain has changed to rain.


  • At 10:43 a.m., Blogger Maggie said…

    Oooh, can you wait until April?

    I hope you're feeling better soon!

  • At 7:24 a.m., Blogger kimbelina said…

    Sounds like a great Christmas gift -- if you can manage to hold off till April!


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