Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fibre, Yarn, And Knitting

I finished spinning the fibre that Maggie gave me. Compared to some of the other stuff I've spun, I am relatively pleased with this. I still have a very long way to go but as long as I see improvement with each skein I spin, I am happy. I also ordered the fast whorl for the Little Gem so that should make my life a little easier. I should have that by the end of the week. I'll spend the weekend getting used to using it.

Once I have the fast whorl I am going to play with this fibre that arrived today. One of the ladies at the spin in had some of this fibre. It is an 80% alpaca 20% merino blend. It's from Misty Haven Alpacas. The customer service at this place is amazing. I ordered the fibre on Saturday when I got home from the spin in. I had a bit of a problem and emailed them. Everything was solved without any hassles. The fibre was shipped yesterday and, to my utter amazement, I received it today. It is soft beyond belief. I think I am going to try and practice long draw with some South African Fine fibre I have and then I'll see if I can spin the alpaca. I must admit I haven't had much success with 100% alpaca and I'm hoping the blend will make it a bit easier.

On the knitting front I am knitting the second sock to a sock I finished months ago. Unfortunately, after I had finished the first sock I couldn't find the second ball. I finally gave up and said it would show up at some point. I was looking for something else, and as is usually the case, I found the second ball of yarn instead.

Once the second sock is done I have to begin knitting the scarf for the ISE5. I bought elann.com Pure Alpaca Fina in colour Loganberry. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is a beautiful tweed. Now I just have to decide on a pattern. I'm leaning towards something but I haven't made a final decision.

I loved the felted purse so much I got another colour so I can make another one. I'll actually make two or 3 more, I think. I'll have enough for two bags of this colour. It's Cabin Fever Cottage Colours in Fireplace. I have 3 balls and the other bag only used the second ball for the strap so I should have enough to make 2 bags from the 3 balls. I also got another ball of the dusk colourways so I can make another bag the same colour as the first one.

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